Daddies Supremacy

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Hey, fabulous folks!

Guess what? We're the groovy bunch known as Daddies Supremacy, a rad sub-group under Gourmet Scans. -`ᴗ´-
We're all about diving into awesome manhwa and, you know, shamelessly simping for Daddies—just like our oh-so-cool name suggests!

Join our ride as we spill the tea on our work. If you're up for more chapters and finding new Daddies to simp over, check out our official website (link below).

For the freshest deets, swing by our Discord, where we'll shoot you a message when a new chapter hits! All the must-have links are right down here. Can't wait to catch you there, and we hope you have a blast checking out all our projects. Wishing you a day that's as awesome as you are, filled with good vibes and happiness!

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